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Today I recap the Sweet 16 Christmas Movie tournament all the way down to the final 2 movies, Jake Paul calling out Conor McGregor, Logan Paul on Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub, 2021 will be just like 2020, adults crying about wearing a mask, and more! IG - jonthozeski TikTok - andthozBy Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about our top 16 Christmas movies, Jake Paul being asked if he was racist for his KO on Nate Robinson, I also talked about being glad we're not Juggalos. Donate/Share - IG - jonthozeski TikTok - andthozBy Jon Thozeski
The GoFundMe to raise money for children is LIVE, I talked about Dave Chappelle's "UNFORGIVEN", Steve Rannazzisi's issues with Comedy Central, where artificial vanilla flavor comes from, NBA players getting worse and worse, my new hobby of a BUILD journal, I hit a bird with my car, and more! Donate - https:/ IG - jonthozeski TikTok - …
Today I talked more about the Christmas fundraiser for children, I give an update on Jenna's car, the plan for this years Sweet 16 Christmas movie edition, I need better friends, 5 game winning streak, and more! Donate - IG - jonthozeskiBy Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about my visit home, my Gramps messing me up, a Facebook comment from my Grams that she had coming, Trump being who we thought he was, stealing porn from my uncle, Crime TV is so addicting, and much more! IG - jonthozeski text - 4406656243 - Code "THOZ" 20% offBy Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about the Trump vs Biden debate, why it was actually hilarious, could LeBron stand a chance against Colby in MMA, Rogan switching to Spotify and why all the drama that's been going on could be brilliant, and the sad reality that Cleveland fans have to deal with. IG - jonthozeski tiktok - andthoz text topics - 4406656243 helpmehemp.or…
Today JC and I talked about why the podcast is a day late (HINT: it's the same reason I drafted two tight ends early in my draft), Bella Thorne on OnlyFans, Joe Rogan missing episodes on the switch to Spotify, what we think will happen the fall of 2020, her ideal man, and more! IG - jonthozeski - "THOZ" 20% off Text - 4406656243…
Today I talked about The Fighter and The Kid's future, can Brendan Schaub work with Bryan Callen, Derek Jeter has the best starting 9, Derek Jeter's one night gift baskets, arguing over simple things, and more! IG - jonthozeski text - 4406656243 - "THOZ" 20% offBy Jon Thozeski
Today is a short episode because there is NOTHING to talk about, I talked MORE about COVID and wearing masks with an example of how masks work for all of the adults that think they're virus experts, I talked about the past weekend fights at UFC 251 and why I think Jorge never beats Usman, and more! text topics - 4406656243…
Today I talked about people pretending to be experts on health not wearing masks, Little Hugs Fruit Barrels are making me aggressive, what sports cards I'm buying RIGHT NOW, Bert Kreischer's Drive In comedy show, King's Mountain sucks, and more! text questions / 4406656243 helpmehemp.orgBy Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about quitting social media, falling out with people, intentions mean everything, the craziness going on in the world, garage sales are back and I hit HUGE within 24 hours, and MORE! Please share the podcast! text me topics or questions - 4406656243By Jon Thozeski
Today I recapped another trip to Lazy 5 Ranch and why it's incredible, a large cow resulting in a baby being dropped, responding to the Tregembo people on IG, telling someone about someone else's baby is a bad move, and a bunch of motivating things discussed by Rogan and Kevin Hart! IG/Twitter - jonthozeski…
Today I mainly talked about the new podcast I'm starting with Dan Luke, UFC 249, why I loved no fans, and why it was the biggest UFC ever, Adele losing weight is incredible, and why adults talking in baby voice makes my skin crawl! twitter/IG - jonthozeski text - 4406656243 helpmehemp.orgBy Jon Thozeski
Today I talked some more about this Corona debacle, Bert goes fan girl over Adam Sandler, conspiracy people talking about the evil government, I made my own bone broth, I answer all of your IG questions, and much more! text - 4406656243 IG/twitter - jonthozeski helpmehemp.orgBy Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about the Coronavirus, the Senate being shady, the correlation between a psychedelic mushroom and my favorite holiday, bringing back Bad Movie Reviews, a terrible bear attack and the guy lived to tell the story, and MORE! IG / twitter - jonthozeski Text - 4406656243By Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about my fantasy football performance, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1, my first time drinking and running from the cops, why I was a fatty in 6th grade, cars that terrified me, Vans Warped Tour band names, and more! Text me - 4406656243 GoFundMe - Jon Thozeski
Today is VICTORY TUESDAY, is my team back, Myles Garrett is a helmet thief, does Kaepernick really want to play football, best pizza toppings, bad first dates, guilty pleasures, firing myself up, working a shitty job is not embarrassing, and MORE! Donate to the GoFundMe - Text me - 4406656243…
Today I talked about not being thicc anymore, garage sale season is over, thrifting tips, getting destroyed by some a**hole I don't even know, the time you first made out with someone, the greatest name to ever be named, and more! GoFundMe - Text me - 4406656243By Jon Thozeski
Today I talked about the grossness of pooping at work, why are some foods racist, a custom Browns jersey that won't get traded away, a great UFC card, Call of Duty dirty moves, and more! Text future topics to ME @ 440-665-6243 Support the GoFundMe @…
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