EL 128: Squirt Your Heart Out – Every Woman Can! Dr. Patti Talks to Tallulah Sulis, Somatic Educator, Filmmaker, and Creator of “Squirt Your Heart Out”


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Today on the show we are talking to Tallulah Sulis about Female Ejaculation – that expulsion of fluids, also known as “squirting”, or “gushing”. It’s the “wetness” women can experience during pleasurable and often intense orgasms. But what is female ejaculation, really? Can every woman really do this? What is the range of experience possible? And how can men create this sensational experience for their lady? What are some of the things you must know?Find out today. Tallulah has just released Squirt Your Heart Out: Unleash Your Explosive Sexual Power (SquirtYourHeartOut.com) so we have the expert with us now! Tallulah is so much fun, you’ll love this show! Oh, and to top it all off, listeners of the Expanded Lovemaking Show get a generous discount, too, using the code SPECIAL!

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