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We’re celebrating Nintendo’s best NES titles, all playable on the new NES Classic Edition, with a music tribute episode. It was 1985 when Nintendo launched the groundbreaking Nintendo Entertainment System that perhaps saved the American home video game industry. In this episode, you’ll hear 13 incredible remixes of the NES Classic Edition’s 30 games.

00:00 - Put 'Em Up (Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream) by bLiNd
06:20 - I Am Dracula (Castlevania) by bLiNd
10:53 - Wily's Requiem (Mega Man II) by Nekofrog
14:38 - Overworld Remix (Super Mario Bros. 2) by Smooth McGroove feat. Ben Briggs
18:15 - BITGEN10 (Dr. Mario) by Dj Cutman
19:54 - Bagu & the Riverman (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link) by Dj Cutman & Spamtron
22:34 - Brinstar, Instrumental Mix (Metroid) by Sammus feat. Dj Cutman
26:12 - Intro, Prelude (Final Fantasy) by Untested Methods
28:10 - Level 1-1 Dancehall Ragga Mix (Super Mario Bros.) by McVaffe
30:44 - Staff Boss Battle (Super Mario Bros. 3) by Selecta Novel
33:01 - On the Wind (Balloon Fight) by Brandon Strader
36:28 - Creampuff Starship, Theme of the Star Herald (Kirby's Adventure) by analoq
40:36 - Preseason Mode, Player 1 (Tecmo Bowl) by Chris Holland

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