Ending The War (AKA The Food & Body Image Episode)


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Almost no one is free from beliefs, rules and attitudes about food. But some of us have experienced an undue amount of emotional pain as a result, riding this rollercoaster of harshly conditional self-love. And some people develop full blown eating disorders where rules, punishment, and rebellion formulate some of the most wretched, soul-destroying patterns to break free from. But ultimately, whether you have an eating disorder or are caught up in dieting and other disordered forms of eating, the truth is it’s probably not about the food. Featuring: Eating disorder specialist and producer of the PBS documentary "Erasing ED", Nicole Laby, MFT. www.nicolelaby.com Producer, director, writer, and actor for the comedy web-series "The Skinny”, Jessie Kahnweiler. www.jessiekahnweiler.com Registered dietician, blogger at "Dare to Not Diet", and co-host of the podcast “Dietitians Unplugged”, Glenys Oyston, RD. www.daretonotdiet.com Written & Produced by: Lily Sloane Jessica Brown http://integralcounseling.org/staff/index.html Theme Song by: Topher M. Lewis Additional Music & Sound Design by: Lily Sloane Episode Image by Takeshi used under Creative Commons Special thanks to Wildhawk for letting me use your bar and for all the strangers who let me interview you.

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