EP 04 Adv Of MechaBetty "Broken Betty"


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Betty and the crew of the USS Eldridge have to somehow capture an alien alive, but it seems that they are not the only ones out for big game! Check out the patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/mechabetty?ty=h Sound engineering and editing: Phil Michalski MechaBetty: Jennifer Tiles Kenneth: SonicPAJ Announcer: Alex Atley Dr Leo: Alex Atley Br’Eetish alien captive: Alex Atley Dr Bloom: Alex Atley Ensign Barkly: Riotmode General Helen: Liz Madden Captain Yeager: Shuttershade President Van Dyne: Garry Somers Reporter Beverton: Martin Smith Calling card Br’Eetish alien: Titankore Engineer O’Brian: Animas

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