The Value of Authenticity in User Groups— EP017


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Today we are talking about user groups?—?programs that gather local communities in the real world. Our guests are Victor Bohnert and Brad Tompkins. Victor is a Principal at the Innovatis Group and has worked with associations and user groups for nearly 20 years. Brad is the current CEO of the VMware User Group and his career background spans a number of operations and management roles in the tech area. We discuss the value of a user group program, how you start one, why a company would want one, who should be running the program, the different kinds of user groups, and what makes them different from other professional associations.

About Our Guests

Victor Bohnert. Victor has worked with various associations for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience in building and managing customer communities in the all sectors and has led several organizational turn-arounds and mergers.

Brad Tompkins. Brad is a 20-year industry executive with a broad and diverse leadership background in corporate technology operations. He currently serves as CEO of VMware User Group (VMUG) and is responsible for building and leading top-performing teams, increasing profitability and managing costs.

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