Tips to Succeed as a New PT


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In this episode, physiotherapist Darryl Yardley (FCAMPT, B.Kin (Hons), M.Sc.(PT), M.Cl.Sc.(Manip), Chair Private Practice Division – Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Founder - Mentorship Bootcamp) answers questions from students and new grads. Topics include job hunting and applying for jobs, contract negotiations, salary, building a caseload, and mentorship for both private and public sectors.

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00:37 Can you introduce yourself and your background?

02:38 Today we are getting your answers to some student and new grad questions that were collected from physiotherapy schools across Canada.

02:50 The first question is: What is the best way to build a caseload when first starting out?

06:01 Do you have any suggestions on how new grad can market themselves when they don’t have much experience?

08:00 One of the biggest questions that was asked is: What is the difference between an independent contractor and an employee.

12:08 As an independent contractor, when should you incorporate?

13:35 How do you make sure your billing number is being used appropriately?

16:35 How do you know if there is someone else using your billing number if it is public information?

18:55 For physios starting out, is it better to learn through experience or take a lot of courses?

23:42 Do you have any tips for physios starting in a clinic where there are already established PTA’s?

26:02 For those working in publically funded settings, how do you maintain quality care given restraints?

29:25 It seems like every hospital job wants 1-2 years of experience in the field. Seeing as new grads have limited experience through placements, how can they possibly demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to be employable?

32:24 If a hospital or clinic does not offer mentorship, how do you suggest that students or new grads seek out that external mentorship on their own?

36:08 In a hospital setting, how can new grads get full time employment?

39:04 How difficult is it to transition from hospital to private practice and vice versa?

41:10 There seems to be a perception that private clinics lead to a bigger income compared to hospitals? Does this hold true in the long run (5-10 years) with benefits and pension factored in?

44:05 Where should new grads start when looking for a job?

47:11 Do you recommend applying for jobs even if you don’t have the required experience?

48:53 What is negotiable in a contract?

49:52 Are there any questions you feel new grads should ask in an interview?

53:27 What starting salary should a new grad expect?

55:55 How often should you renegotiate your contract?

58:24 Are there any ethical issues/business red flags that new grads should be aware of when job hunting or starting out at a new clinic?

1:02:56 How long should you practice before opening your own clinic?

1:07:15 What are some benefits of being a CPA member?

1:09:33 Where can people find out more about you?

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