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Clay Wells ... Security Architect, Musician, Defcon Blue Team Village Co-Organizer, and organizer of the first annual WOPR Summit. Clay shares some really insightful tips on making it Information Security, as well as a really interesting war story from recently.

WOPR Summit is March 1st, 2019 in Atlantic City!

Living in kernel/userland since Red Hat 4.0 Colgate. Work life has primarily been in Academia and has included programming, system administration, and information security. He's a point of contact for the DC215 group and one of the coordinators for the Blue Team Village at DEF CON. He also creates unofficial CTF challenges for local hacker cons and is organizer for the first annual WOPR Summit this March 2019 in Atlantic City.


  • "My heart was racing... that was a huge rush and that's when I was like yea... Blue side F*** rocks!!"

  • "Take a holistic approach to InfoSec, dive into the culture, different cons, music, people...volunteer, get out, get involved... learn a little about everything, then find what really interests you... and go for it!"

  • "It's great to apt-get stuff... but try compiling a custom linux kernel."

  • "I'm a strong believer in embracing that creative side."

  • "It [Blue Team] certainly hasn't been the sexiest infosec job to have... yes defense is what people want... there's a lot defense work out there."


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