#Ep. 25: The balance between ROI and Social Impact: A conversation with the Blockchain Founders Fund


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Ahmed and Faisal are joined by Aly Madhavji, a Managing Partner at the Blockchain Founders Fund.

The episode starts off with Ahmed describing his experience at the Binance Fair in Singapore where he gives a few highlights and takeaways as well as a general landscape of the region.

Use cases and investments

The show then dives deep into Aly’s background and what the Blockchain Founders Fund actually is and what it does in the industry. Having an investment arm, incubation arm as well as a consulting arm, Aly reminds us all as to why blockchain is beneficial and cites many cross-border use cases.

Ahmed asks what type of companies the fund has already invested in and what are they looking to invest in going forward. With an interesting and diverse portfolio, this episode brings to light the unsung no-hype projects that are solving real problems and making real use cases.

2019 focus: Finding transformative solutions and UN Impact report

Aly also delves into their different focus points for 2019; one of which is contributing to the written publication of an Impact report for the United Nations. Having different stakeholders, in particular funds, contribute to social enterprise and social impact causes are crucial in moving the industry forward. Do make sure to listen in on what exactly this report is all about!

Investment criteria and the Lemonade video!

Faisal questions Aly on the Blockchain Founders Fund’s investment criteria and philosophy where he describes how their fund operates, their thoughts on tokens and the different brackets within their investment strategy. Listen in to how their fund tries to find the right balance between obtaining the highest ROI and making sure to have a social lens too.

Let’s ban the term STO

As Aly is an advisor to Polymath, he talks about his thoughts and concerns in regards with security tokens and security token offerings.
He highlights the fundamental fact that the underlying does not change; where a company, or a project is not more valuable because it’s done an STO.

They also talk about the benefits of STOs as well as the challenges of implementing an STO now, where they cite that implementing a security token could in fact add extra layers in the process rather than making it more efficient.
The three also touch on crowdfunding, the decreasing popularity of public fundraising and more on this exciting topic!

As you can see, we talked about a lot of things and so all of the above and more will be on this week’s episode of Encrypted!

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Lemonade Video!

Special Guest: Aly Madhavji ??? .

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