Jason McLeod: The Science & Spirituality behind the Paranormal


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Jason Macleod is a paranormal investigator, Intuitive empath, demonologist and spiritualist who began his career in 1990 work for and with his friends and mentors-- the legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren, the pioneers of the modern paranormal investigation craze that thrives today. His bestselling Dark Siege Series is a paranormal powerhouse written in a Stephen King style cinematic Horror Format that is impossible to put down. What makes Mcleod 's Dark Siege Series unique is that each book contains an additional one-hundred page addendum coupled with a chapter-by-chapter analysis where Mcleod explains the paranormal through Quantum Physics, The Universal laws of Attraction, Intention and Conscious Manifestation. It also reveals the synchronicity involved in meeting the Warrens, his personal psychic experience during those first cases together and more.Due to the horrific nature of this Terrifying True tale of Demonic Infestation, Oppression and the dangers of dabbling in the occult. Bishop James Long endorsed both books and made the Required reading for his online Demonology Course. The case was openly discussed on Coast to Coast AM, on Blog Talk Radio Shows and at the multitude of Paranormal Conventions Mcleod has presented at through the years. Paranormal Witness requested an interview with the family, which they declined, fearful of a third series of attacks. Mcleod created the Dark Siege Series to educate paranormal investigators and their teams about the very real dangers of dabbling in things they don't understand and most importantly, for the many individuals and families who have either experienced negative haunting for themselves or who are currently seeking solutions. Above all else, Mcleod seeks to help people expand their awareness and understanding of all things paranormal and to teach them how to defend themselves properly. His third book Our Journey Home: The Handbook for the Transition is the Culmination of his life and is a must read for everyone seeking to earn what happens when the body dies.

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