Stress [of Leadership]


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On "Stress [of Leadership]", we discussed:

  • Nodal / Watershed Events
  • Nodal Event Examples: birth, death, marriage, new job
  • Watershed Event Examples: the black plague, invention of the washing machine, the holocaust
  • Technical vs Adaptive Problems
  • Technical Problem: issues residing in the rational realm
  • Adaptive Problem: issues residing in the emotional realm (relational problems)
  • 4 triangle patterns identified by John Engles!
  • The identified patient and the mascot
  • Identified Patient: the family member who is the point of family anxiety and is consciously or subconsciously the blame for unexplored emotional issues in the family system
  • Mascot: the member of the system who's role is to absorb or dispel anxiety through comic relief

The takeaways from today:

  • [Zac] Be aware of the relationship between distance and anxiety
  • [Alex] Keep it factual to help prevent anxiety from accumulating
  • [John] Be aware of your automatic functioning; ask yourself, "What do I tend to do and how can I be more thoughtful?"

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