How To Make It As A Full Time Healer with Sushma Sagar of The Calmery


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So many of us are reclaiming our spirituality on our own terms, and in doing so tapping into our innate creativity, and discovering our own intuitive and healing gifts. The dream? To leave the corporate world behind and make this our full time work—and when she left her high-profile role as UK marketing director for fashion brand Kate Space to found her healing business, The Calmery, Sushma Sagar did exactly that.

Sushma had been practicing reiki and the shamanic arts on the side for 15 years, afraid that if she came clean about her healing work she'd be seen as "woowoo", or not fully committed to her competitive career. In this super frank and helpful interview, she walks us through the circumstances that led to her making the leap—and how she has made it work. In this episode we also discuss:

-Coping with the identity crisis of leaving a high stakes career behind.

-Deprogramming from parental pressures and cultural conditioning around the meaning of "success."

-The importance of doing your own healing work before you start working with others.

-Spiritual appropriation and how to engage with indigenous healing traditions with integrity.

-Why is is our destiny to each become our own healers, and in doing so help to heal humanity.

You can check out Sushma's article on Coming out of The Spiritual Closet HERE and her piece on Why 2017 Was The Year I Un-brainwashed Myself HERE. You can also follow her on Instagram @thecalmery and learn more about her work at

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