Ep 10 - Breaking News Australian Government to provide $4.7 million to support University of Newcastle HEMP PFAS remediation project


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In Episode 6, I interviewed Dr Brett Turner from the University of Newcastle and we discussed the original work he, and his team have been doing using HEMP plant proteins to remove PFAS from water. Last time we spoke in 2018 he was waiting on funding to take his 'Australian first' research to the next level. In Episode 8, Senator Brian Burston from the United Australia Party was confident he could arrange funding for Dr Brett Turner's work with the Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann. His efforts were successful and the Australian Government will be providing $4.7 million to support the work of Dr Brett Turner and Professor Scott Sloan from the University of Newcastle. This episode features interviews with Senator Brian Burston, Dr Brett Turner and also the Federal Member for Paterson Meryl Swanson, who was also working behind the scenes to try and get funding for the HEMP project.

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