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Islamabadians If not now then when? Aik parhay likhay civilized community walay ho kar, does it suit us to litter everywhere? Jab aik bunda US main Microsoft ki job chor kar Islamabad akar sarkain aur galyan saaf kar sakta hai tou phir hum kyon nahi? Let’s take a pledge to play our roles, let’s join Malaika in her efforts to make Islamabad green and clean. A little help from each and everyone of us WILL go A LONG WAY. These drives happen every Sunday and every week more and more people are supporting her, helping her, being part of her team and efforts! WE CAN DO THIS (one street at a time) Here is another woman who is trying her best to make this world a little bit better place with her efforts! Maliaka is a very sensitive at heart person, so sensitive that it bothers her that the environment we have created around us is actually very toxic and that’s why she decided to do something about it. Her cause is HUGE and so she needs all the support. Our support and commitment is the only thing that will make it happen. And this young girl titled “Islamabad ki heroine” DOES NOT accept “THANK YOU”. This is a person who took on many responsibilities at a very young age of 10, after her mother passed away. So much so that now she is cleaning the streets of Islamabad, so she can help eliminate cancer from our environment. With 29 safai drives they have picked up 202 bags worth of garbage from the streets of Islamabad. Which is about 1600 kg of improperly disposed off trash!! See it is possible, it is doable! Malaika, I am proud of your cause and fully support it. Much Love --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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