Feat. Mike Rugnetta: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Oxygen Not Included, Ooblets controversy


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WHAT is UP everyone it's Bad End podcast episode 53, this time featuring the academically-minded internet personality Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta on Twitter). You might know him from PBS Idea Channel, Reasonably Sound, or as a producer behind the Longreads Podcast and CrashCourse. We talk about the new Fire Emblem game, tabletop gaming as artistic medium, the Ooblets controversy, and whether videogames have the power to expose us to new viewpoints.

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7:41 - Outer Wilds and the appeal of the "time loop" trend in games
22:08 - Tabletop gaming
41:21 - Forza 4 Horizon
50:15 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses
57:22 - Oxygen Not Included
1:07:53 - The Ooblets Controversy
1:40:20 - Can a videogame introduce you to new ways of thinking?

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