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Ranger. Leader. Author. Motivator. Mentor. I met JC Glick over 10 years ago while I was teaching a military contract. JC was a thinker. I noticed him immediately in class for two main reasons: 1) He asked deep questions during the theory portion. 2) He is 6’3 220 lbs. During a specific CQB weapon drill, he politely questioned the efficacy of one of our long gun retention principles, (that’s polite for “I don’t really think this will work”). At 5'8", 190lbs I had a momentary fear spike. And even though 'size matters', I trust physics more. We tested it - the move worked as promised. That moment was the beginning of our friendship. JC went on to do great things as a military leader, leadership consultant, two-time author, and entrepreneur. He’s a close friend who has also helped me navigate through some challenging times, which makes him one of my mentors too. Meet my good friend, JC Glick.


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