Episode 145: Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health with Amber Drake


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I had so much fun interviewing Amber Drake who is an Intentionality Coach. She shares so much valuable information on gut health. She shares what the gut actually is, what trouble an unhealthy gut can cause and some tips on healing the gut. Take a listen for more details! Ambers bio: Hi, gorgeous soul! My name is Amber! I cannot believe that everything I have experienced throughout my life has brought me here to you! I am a certified health coach, yoga instructor, and huge audible fan. I am a bubbly, encouraging, taco loving, adventurer! I lead women to reclaim their soulful alignment + intentionality. Let's create a life we adore to the core - together. Contact Amber: Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/AmberLeannDrake Intentionality Masterclass: reclaimacademy.amberleanndrake.com/register Join the Kinda Crunchy Group for more Gut + Holistic Health support and sisterhood: www.facebook.com/groups/KindaCrunchy Blogl: http://amberleanndrake.com/blog/ Sugar PDF: bit.ly/SugarSugarEverywhere

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