Live at the Altercation Comedy Festival


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Sisyphean subs are a wonderful thing please let us shit into a toilet as you clean it, a guy at the fest told Ava he didn't know if she was a boy or a girl but he still thought she was beautiful, intermittent fasting is just anorexia for cis men and people who are too afraid to say they are anorexic, trans people in sports is still an issue and we found a solution so everyone can stop arguing, a pastor died trying to beat Jesus' 40 day fast and that's hilarilous, gender neutral pronouns come of because of course they do, there are Anne Frank inspired CBD tampons, a school didn't know if a young transgender girl should be sheltered with the boys or the girls during an active shooter drill, if you watch anime you've thought about having sex with 14 year olds at least once, and the Fetish of the Week is FUCK THE POLICE.

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