Ho Yin Cheung (Remo) - Challenges of a Remote Startup Leader - S1E6


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We covered
  • 05:54 — What fascinates Ho Yin the most about remote work
  • 08:41 — Challenges and lessons Ho Yin faced while transforming to be a remote startup leader
  • 13:08 — How Ho Yin’s hiring process changed
  • 19:38 — Ho Yin’s “superpower” that helps him manage his remote team better
  • 21:35 — Why recording is a powerful tool for creating processes in remote teams
  • 24:59 — Resources that helped Ho Yin to be a better remote leader
  • 26:54 — What is Remo?
  • 34:21 — Use cases for Remo
  • 40:58 — How Ho Yin’s transition to being a remote startup leader affects Remo’s product roadmap
  • 49:11 — Advice to startups that want to start hiring remote team members
  • 50:45 — Why it’s important for remote startup CEOs to have a deep bond with early remote team members

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