Episode 72 - Tapestry & Teslas


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Warning: This podcast contains strong language and adult content

What’s this? A full house? Back to the normal format? Something must be amiss. Yes, the full complement of Polyhedron Collider are back with some more board game chat.

We start as ever with a breakdown of the latest news, have a bloody good chat about Stonemaier Games’ latest Tapestry and Jon tells us about his Tesla…again.

Gaming News

00:15:50 Ian Livingstone set up a gaming fund 00:19:28 Kingstarter Scams 00:24:07 Monopoly Theme Park 00:27:02 Asmodee publishing division Aconyte Books https://aconytebooks.com/

Games Mentioned

00:32:10 Tapestry 01:00:12 Slyeville 01:06:51 Conspiracy: The Solomon Gamble

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