Liam Martin (Time Doctor) - How to Be a "Remote Executive" - S1E13


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Topics also covered on the podcast episode:
  • 04:10 — How Liam realized that overworking and hustle culture is dangerous
  • 09:00 — The main difference between “entrepreneur” and “executive”
  • 14:15 — The top two things that Liam needed to re-teach himself to be a better remote executive
  • 24:14 — The million-dollar mistakes that Liam and his co-founder made
  • 30:17 — Why it is crucial to extract the “sacred knowledge” of your key team members and document it
  • 37:14 — How Liam created a document to help his direct reports work with him more effectively
  • 41:39 — The most surprising feedback Liam received from his direct reports
  • 44:45 — Why Liam and the team started Running Remote
  • 48:37 — The unspoken difficulties about running a conference

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