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Ep. 35 - In April 1853, Johannes Brahms left Hamburg with the Hungarian violinist Eduard Reményi for a short concert tour of North German towns. After performing in small venues and for small crowds to great success, the duo decided to try their luck in Hanover. There they met one of the most important musicians of the day, who sent them visit another, and yet another...


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Music in this episode (all by Brahms unless otherwise noted):

1. Sonata in C major op. 1, mvt. 1, Allegro

2. Hungarian Dance no 5, Fritz Kreisler and Carl Lamson

3-5. "Eine Faust Symphonie" fragments of mvt. 1 - Faust, by Franz Liszt

6. Hungarian Dance no. 2, Andreas Pfaul, piano

7. Sonata in C major op. 1, mvt. 3 Scherzo (A section)

8. FAE Sonata, mvt. 3, Scherzo, Oliver Colbenston violin

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