Answers to the Top 9 Questions Creators Ask when Growing Their Channels [Ep. #200]


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Over the past year of live streams and YouTube videos, we've assembled some of the top questions creators ask when it comes to growing their YouTube channels. While any of these questions could be an episode all by themselves, we're going to attempt to answer 9 of the most common ones all in one episode, including:

1. How do I know if my niche is too broad or too specific? Is it ok to have more than one niche? 2. What equipment should I invest in? 3. How do I increase watch time, CTR, and comments? 4. How do I get people on other social platforms over to my YouTube videos? 5. How do I do that without coming across as greedy or spammy? 6. When can you repurpose your YouTube video on other platforms? 7. Should you re-optimize or delete old videos on your channel? 8. How do I start collaboration with other creators? 9. Should I use a giveaway to grow my channel?

Here's a look at some of the tools and equipment I use for making videos:


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