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adrienne maree brown is never satisfied with the obvious, the visible, the surface - but rather endeavors to dig deeper, to go underneath and to venture beyond what we think we know about ourselves and one another. Her book, Emergent Strategy, has been a disruptive force in the movement in all the best ways - challenging us not just to do better, but to BE better. Join us for a provocative episode of CTZN Podcast that explores accountability and redemption, reclaiming pleasure and making like slugs.

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More about this episode:

As you will see in this episode, being with best-selling author and pleasure activist, adrienne maree brown is like being on a journey. She takes you to places you have never been and paints a picture of humanity that you never thought possible. And she draws out of you, your best self in spite of yourself. In this episode, you will hear me tell my own story of humiliation and harm and how I was held to account by my community. But adrienne says that “accountability IS community”. It’s how we hold one another in love and justice.

And if we can understand that - that we are both whole and broken at the same time - we can learn to love ourselves into liberation. adrienne encourages us to surrender to a mushroom-like existence that is fungal and primal and beautiful and sensual and pleasurable. And, if we can tie together at that level, we will be unstoppable.

I am all in for that journey with her and I encourage to come along. Enjoy the show.

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