How To Overcome Anything With The Power Of Your Mind, Soul, And Spirituality – Bruce Matson (Ep. 265)


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Bruce Matson, stage 4 cancer survivor and author of the book From Goo to God, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Bruce talks about his stage 4 cancer diagnosis several years back and the incredible approach he had for beating this deadly disease. Bruce covers his self-belief, his unwavering mindset, and the fact that he didn’t think for a second that he was going to die, even when the cancer had him suffering tremendously. He also talks about his life’s purpose, his spirituality and how this helped him survive, and how he lives a purposeful life every day. If you’re wondering how to overcome any challenge using your mind and spirit, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • What it was like getting diagnosed with stage 4 cancer for Bruce
  • Bruce’s first thought once getting the diagnosis
  • We he never got down and thought he was going to die
  • What Bruce was doing before being diagnosed with cancer and how this affected his work
  • Bruce’s desire to live and why he was convinced deep down in his soul that he would survive
  • His past experiences outworking others in physically and mentally challenging ways
  • Reaching out to others for help and sharing your story with them
  • Not using your struggles as a crutch
  • The toughest parts of Bruce’s recovery and what he looked like at his very worst during treatment
  • The power of having support from loved ones and why this was a critical part of Bruce’s recovery
  • Why even at his very worst Bruce Matson still knew he would survive
  • The fact that men don’t reach out for help as much as women and why this is a major problem across the board for men
  • How Bruce’s spirituality played a major role in his recovery
  • What Bruce’s purpose is in life and how this helped his recovery and his ability to stay healthy even today
  • Why he wrote the book From Goo to God
  • Bruce’s science-based approach to creationism
  • The holes in the theory of evolution and why Bruce believes the facts don’t hold up scientifically when you put it under a microscope
  • The fact that people believe in the religion of politics, government, doctors, medicine, schooling, and many other industries blindly, without looking into the true facts
  • Bruce’s take on purposeful living and why he aims every day to be more purposeful and compassionate

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