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Welcome to Part 2 of my interview with Kelli Jean Arnold - second cousin to Rachel Trlica, on of the three girls dubbed The Fort Worth Trio. If you have not listened to Part 1 go back now and listen! I am venturing into something different this week: a case in two parts. Kelli Jean Arnold - second cousin to Rachel Trlica, one of the 3 girls who missing from Fort Worth Texas in 1974, found my true crime trivia page - YELLOW TAPE, when we featured their story on Missing Monday. Part 1: We struck up a conversation on Facebook and I invited her to tell her story on DIE-ALOGUE. I am honored she said yes. Please note: I don't usually cover cases. I usually interview and while we might talk ABOUT cases, my podcast is not a source for the facts/timelines/details of a given case. Even in this one, Kelli Jean just shared info and memories with me, but I am not reporting on the events. That said, at the top of the episode I do read a brief overview researched and written by Patty Whalen Ucciardino. Other podcasts that I know of ( there are probably more) and that I listened to on this case include: True Crime Garage, Trace Evidence, and The Trail Went Cold. Again, thank you to Kelli Jean for her willingness to share. We hope that sharing the story keeps it moving towards truth and peace for surviving family members. __________________________________ Reminder! DIE-ALOGUE will be at CrimeCon Orlando May 1-3, and if you use our show code when registering, you will receive 10% off! I want to meet you - register for CrimeCon! Promo CODE: DIEALOGUE20 DIE-ALOGUE will also be at The True Crime Podcast Festival on July 11-12! For 10% off Use promo code: DIE As always, if you liked this episode and enjoy this podcast, be sure to subscribe, and please rate + review on iTunes! DIE-ALOGUE is a Yellow Tape Inc. Production. Hosted by Rebekah Sebastian. Edited by Chris Gersbeck. Original theme music by Olivia Himes. Don't forget we are on Twitter, Instagram + FB: @diealoguepod Use the hashtag #diealoguepod on social media! KILL THE SMALL TALK. START A DIE-ALOGUE.
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