Episode 7: Interview with Mariane Judd, PhD


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In today's episode Joanne interviews Dr Mariane Judd, a developmental psychologist from Canberra, Australia. Mariane reveals her approach which includes Extra Lesson, EMDR, LENS neurofeedback, iLs Focus and Pro as well as the Safe and Sound Protocol. With more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner, lecturing internationally and developing postgraduate learning, Mariane offers her wisdom in working with a broad range of clients.
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Mariane is a registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist. Her career started in Early Childhood Education, then moved into working with children with learning and behaviour difficulties and has expanded into counselling of all age groups. Mariane is an international lecturer and one of the directors of the Extra Lesson Institute (TELI), which organisers the Extra Lesson training course at a post-graduate level. Extra Lesson is a neuro-developmental approach to therapy for children and adolescents.

Mariane was a founding member of the company that introduced the ILs sound therapy into Australia.

Alongside Extra Lesson she uses ILs sound therapy and ILs products in her therapy centre, plus LENS Neurofeedback.

Mariane has also developed her counselling skills to includes EMDR and uses a Polyvagal framework to provide counselling to clients who experience anxiety, have experienced adverse events or trauma in their lives

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