128 // Working Through Limiting Beliefs: "It's too good to be true"


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We have a tendency to only allow so much good into our lives. And when we determine that the meter is “full,” we expect and look for the bad things that just “have to happen.”

But the fact is, life is just full of challenges. We can do the work ahead of time and mitigate the impact of the challenges or we can come face to face with the more difficult ones all at once. Manifestation is putting the uncomfortable spiritual work first and growing as a person BEFORE having to deal with the more difficult problems.

If you are wanting to bring things into your life (money, love, ideal weight!), this is a CRUCIAL limiting belief that you need to work on first.

Your brain requires proof through experience. This is where limiting beliefs can come from.

If you don’t shift your belief system, you will just repeat your past again and again.

Only believing something that you have experienced limits what can actually happen in your future. You can, within reason, make your own rules around food.

You are NOT limited to your past. It is up to you.



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