Scaling with (Almost) Accidental Exclusivity - Gaurav Vohra, Head of Growth @ Superhuman


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Superhuman has defined a new category of luxury SaaS.

They take something we all use - email - and transform it into an incredible experience. And their brand reflects it.

In this episode, I speak to Gaurav Vohra, a founding Superhuman team member and their Head of Growth.

In just over ten minutes, we talk:

  1. The role exclusivity played in growth (275K people waitlisted and counting)
  2. How (and more importantly, why) it came about
  3. Why startups shouldn’t blindly follow launch playbooks
  4. Why marketers of tomorrow will not be just looking at marketing.

You can read more about Superhuman's internal playbooks and get a list of Gaurav's top three productivity tools at:

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