Ep 27: Coin and Tiddays


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And we start another recording. We level up the characters and it turns into a thing especially because no one did the homework I asked. We recorded this in October so we say its the anniversary but… its not. Sean tries to get Kyle’s GF to talk in the background but she doesn’t join in out drunken shenanigans. Sean talks about the Golden/White dragon that will come and attack them if they don’t focus up, that is a call back to early dnd games before recording. After recapping with the players, Vulture Team (Kyle, Jon, and Tim) walk towards the city and work on their new found magical abilities aka leveling up. Kyle talks to his patron and gets new abilities granted to him. We also shout out better productions including Wizards and Wine, Dungeon Rats, Chasm Quest,, Table Top Pot Luck. Alli talks to people in the bar as she meets a halfling woman who is mourning the loss of her quarterling friend. The rest of the players respect the loss of this person (they don’t). The rest of the party misses the possibility that they may have been killed of by something. And oh wow will they feel like shit when they figure out what happened to this group of people. Alli also levels up and through rp she learns about her sub class’s abilities as a ranger that has been around dragons and learns that her powers are connected to dragon breath weapons. Also Joe encounters a street beggar that he doesn’t understand will change the course of the world as he attempts to get right with his god.

Sean the DM.


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