#54: Finding Your Life's Purpose with Boris Joaquin


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Today's guest is Boris Joaquin, one of the top-ranking public speakers and trainers for leadership programs and other soft skills in the country. Also a seasoned management and marketing professional, Boris has been involved in various industries (advertising, fragrances, goods, printing/publishing, telecommunications, BPO, and business solutions) from multinationals to local-owned companies for over two decades now.

Currently, he is the president and chief equipping officer of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. Boris is also the master trainer and country representative of the Lead Like Jesus Training Program and the founder of Project Purpose Philippines.

In addition, Boris is the editor-in-chief of People Manager Magazine, the official publication of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP). He is also a frequent contributor to the career and lifestyle section of Rappler.com.

If you need help finding your purpose in life, today’s episode is for you! Boris not only shared practical tips and wisdom so you can achieve said objective, he also talked about his inspiring life journey and how he became a top-ranking public speaker and leadership program trainer!

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