108 – Rudi Hoffman on How to Beat Death and Taxes


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Long time listeners will have heard Steven plug his name several times, but now we’ve got the man himself! Futurist, Cryonicist, and life insurance guru Rudi Hoffman is here to give the best sales pitch for signing up for Cryonics that I (Steven, and I suspect all of the hosts) have heard.

I promise we’ll work out the audio issues by the next episode.

You guys are gonna love the first half. The second half had this awesome audio hiccup so it sounds like we’re recording into those cups with strings attached to them. Apologies for the audio quality–now that everybody’s working from home and practicing safe social distancing… well, it’s Skype o’clock. Due to the time constraint I (Steven, blame me) decided to just air the poor audio version. Tell me how much you hate it in the discord, but only after you listen to the first half.

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  • Everything you need to know can be found at rudihoffman.com! If you have any questions about anything we discussed, hit him up.

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