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Today we’re going to hear from Laura Roeder, the CEO of MeetEdgar. It’s an online tool for folks to manage their social media content with more consistency and less time. Basically, it lets you queue up and schedule content for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook - automating your social media schedule.

Laura created MeetEdgar to scratch her own itch. She self-funded the development of the software herself, using money she had saved up from previous ventures. Since 2014, the company has gone from small and scrappy to slightly-larger-but-still scrappy.

In this conversation, we’ll dive into the metrics that determine growth in her company, as well as the business reasons for being transparent about all her businesses internal practices, like hiring.

Their team is currently 24 people, all of whom are remote workers. So I started by asking what, if anything, drives growth with MeetEdgar.

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