How Restaurants and Retail Businesses Can Increase Revenue 12% NOW with $5 a Day


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In this week's episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Co-Founder and CEO of, Vlad Edelman is providing guidance and support to all restaurants going through the current crisis.

Are you a restaurant owner struggling to stay afloat during the current crisis? Not sure where or how you should be focusing your efforts? It may not seem like it, but RIGHT NOW is your biggest opportunity. The price of risk has never been cheaper (and truly, this goes for all businesses).

Vlad says that if you’ve shied away from using delivery services like DoorDash or other digital services, it has never been cheaper risk wise to start experimenting now. We’re not seeing new trends emerging as the world deals with this pandemic. What we’re seeing is an acceleration of the trends that we were slow to adopt, like food delivery platforms, online ordering, etc.

Listen to the full Garlic Marketing Show episode with Vlad Edelman to get your restaurant back on track during the crisis.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Targetable can Help Your Restaurant for the next 2 months
  • 3 Tips on How to Make it Through the Crisis
  • How Much You Should Be Spending on Marketing
  • What You Should be Doing Right Now if You Have a Restaurant
  • What’s on the other side of this Crisis

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