SFP 96 – Reaching out to Young People: Solution-Focused Community Work with Joe Chan


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Joe Chan about working with young people. In today’s episode, we talk with Joe Chan, Solution-Focused Practitioner and Head of Youth Services at Reach Community Services in Singapore, about their work with young people. Check out what fascinates Joe with Solution Focus, where they are with their research project right now, how Solution Focus influenced the practice of the Youth Center staff members, and what he aims at with Solution Focus at the REACH Youth Center in Singapore. Learn more about the concept of ownership and how they support the young people to become owners of what they want, how they provide a spectrum of activities to fit the idea that every person is unique, how they integrate Social Media and internet activities in their programs, and how his practice evolved over the years with Solution Focus. Joe talks about being solution-focused as a leader, the Youth Resource Pack that they developed, and how they will notice that they are the place to go for youth work with Solution Focus. And he emphasizes the importance of embracing the stance of not knowing with young people. The Challenge of the Week: Put yourself out there on Social Media and share something about yourself and your SF practice.

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