Chatting to Noobie Dentists Dr. Ricky Hamami and Dr. Zeyad Hammad


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In this week’s episode I sat down with Dr. Ricky Hamami and Dr. Zeyad Hammad. I met these guys when they were first year dental students at Melbourne Dental school and it has been awesome now see them as fresh grads and noobie dentists. Ricky and Zeyad are from Canada and after completing their studies in Melbourne, have moved back to Toronto where they are both practicing in private practice. I connected with these guys due to our shared passion for entrepreneurship and these guys have taken things to another level. During dental school they launched Dentist2b, an online platform designed to helped dental students study for and crush the Canadian Board Exams.

In this interview we talk about their journey into and through dental school, their plans with Dentist2b as well as how their first year of practice is going.

Ricky, Zeyad and I have been talking and I am beyond thrilled to have them collaborating with me and the Noobie Dentist Podcast. Ricky and Zeyad will be launching their own podcast series called Mastering Dentistry Series. This podcast series will be running in the same thread as the Noobie Dentist Podcast so you can access the episodes everywhere you currently access the Noobie Dentist Podcast. The Mastering Dentistry Series will offer a fresh perspective from to young and ambitious new grads and I am super excited to hear these episodes. So keep an eye and ear out for the Mastering Dentistry podcast series coming out in the next few weeks. This collaboration is hopefully the start of much bigger projects to come in Canada and as always our main collective goal is to contribute to the dental community.

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Dr. Ricky - IG: @thesixdentist

Dr. Zeyad - IG: @zidentist

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