The Quarantine Sessions, Volume 8 | Guest: Adam Pewitt (Pod Casserole)


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On Volume 8 of the Quarantine Sessions, I am joined by Adam Pewitt of Pod Casserole *and formerly The Adam and JP Show*. We've known each other for a few years now and met through podcasting. We find time to talk about a number of topics, which include

  • The greatness of Buckethead and thoughts on the Beatles
  • Why Slash is an overrated guitar player
  • Adam's days in the Nashville Band Scene as the Bass Player in Key to the Downfall
  • Did Adam catch COVID-19? (most likely yes)
  • The Impact of the pandemic on his career
  • What we think of Donald Trump and what politics are like in 2020
  • A lot of movie talk, including the importance of Oscar nominated films
  • Who's still watching the WWE

and so much more as well. It's a fun one with a lot of pop culture and politics.

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