466 A Long Overdue Interview


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If you remember the glory days of Brunch With The Brits, glory daays which one daay may return due to this quaranteen, you may remember back in the days of mevio when space was unlimited and we sometimes did shows that were up to three hours. Some of you miss that and have told us that in no uncertain terms. Well, it's for you, you that have opined and so you shall have, this time on Brunch we give you not one not two but over three and a half hours of brunchy goodness. We start with a sectiion of our seasonal interview with John, that actually happened before the interview. Then we start the show. In Navy Lark, we learn why Philips did as well as he did at Dartmouth, then we conclude The Making Of Music with a look at the Royal Albert. Then we talk to John, about Britain in lockdown, Brexit, the latest TV offerings get those brit boxes ready and wait for it the popularity of the shipping news. We then conclude with Fatherland. March has a Swiss visa, but what will he leaarn once he's in Zurich? Relax, enjoy, it's Brunch.

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