Streets of Rage 4, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, CoD, Reader Mail


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Hope you're all doing well during lockdown, cuz we're trying to find games to keep us entertained that aren't CoD or ACNH. This week, Caty played a bit of the (still mostly embargoed) Xenoblade Chronicles remaster, while Josh tried out the new Streets of Rage joint. Then we dig through a pile of listener questions, diving into games vs film, annoying discourses of the last couple years, new consoles, comfy sneakers, and more.

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10:50 - Streets of Rage 4

16:37 - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

21:45 - Worst videogame discourses

25:00 - PS5 vs Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch

41:20 - Sites/podcasts/etc that got us into gaming

45:35 - Videogames vs film

51:30 - Quarantine gaming habits

52:58 - Videogame dads, tirade about TLOU

58:26 - Comfy and stylish shoes

1:06:06 - ACNH and others as new cultural touchstones post-c*vid

1:09:30 - What series or game would you erase from history or revive?

1:14:20 - Do you look up TiPZ before going into a new game?

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