Episode 18: Chatting with Meg Berryman


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In this episode, we chat with Meg Berryman. She’s a women's coach, teacher, yogi, mother and founder of the School for Sacred, Social Leaders. She shares her passion for empowering people to journey from wellness, to wholeness and beyond - to a place of changing culture, influencing change and contributing to communities.
Just like us, she believes that it is through slow living, through connection, through rhythm, through food, that we are going to change the world, rebuild new systems and contribute to a more sustainable, equitable and compassionate future.
She’s on a mission to awaken everyday change makers and help them see the leaders they already are. Helping them use their personal development and wellness work in the fight for a more equitable, sustainable and kind future.
You can find more information about Meg here:
Facebook: Meg Berryman
Instagram: Megjberryman

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