China, energy security, and oil and gas markets - with Michal Meidan


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Energy security was already a hot issue in China well before the global oil price collapse and Covid crisis. Now, as the country listens to the government list its coming priorities during the long-delayed Two Sessions of the National People's Congress, energy security is topic Number One.

In this episode, we sit down with Dr Michal Meidan, Director of the China Energy Programme at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), to talk about China, energy security, and oil and gas markets. Before joining OIES in July 2019, she headed cross-commodity China research at Energy Aspects. Prior to that, she headed China Matters, an independent research consultancy providing analysis on the politics of energy in China. She is the author of numerous academic papers, articles, and books related to China, energy, and political economy.

Dr Meidan is also a past speaker at the Beijing Energy Network and has memories of BEN going back over a decade.

Show notes:

China Key Themes for Energy in 2020 (written in January):

Geopolitical Shifts and China’s Energy Priorities, March 2020:

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Oxford Institute for Energy Studies podcast: China’s Rocky Road to Recovery:

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