Screw Happiness, I Want Empowerment with Thug Unicorn!


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Screw Happiness, I want Empowerment with Thug Unicorn! Episode Summary TANYA MARKUL is the author of The She Book. Early in life, she discovered emotional pain to be a sustainable resource for art and creation—and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Her quotes, stories, poems, and prose have touched readers around the world. She hopes to be a safe space of inspiration and empowerment for years to come. I want you to know why she is taking the world by storm with her message of owning and celebrating our pain. People are resonating and sharing her works in really big ways. I had such a pleasure hanging out with her sweet soul. Please join us and find out why she is moving this universe! Show Notes: The impact of Thug Unicorn A fast and strong community The honor of hearing people's stories Screw happiness, I want empowerment Healing patterns that we learn from childhood Tanya reads words from her book, The She Book Who would be your dream guest and why? Links Mentioned: Thug Unicorn The She Book Jill Scott Empower Your Health During Coronavirus and Always with Dr. Peter Borten Front Seat Podcast - Recovering From Birth Trauma with Lori Reising Follow Us: The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Instagram Facebook Youtube Music by ate21

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