Episode 34: Leah Webb


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Leah Webb, founder of and certified health coach at Deep Rooted Wellness, is one fierce, inspiring mama, avid micro-farmer, and wellness warrior. She strongly believes that food is medicine, and that with education, tools, and empowerment, positive transformation and deeper healing are possible. In this episode, Leah dives into her own compelling, raw and powerful story. She shares about disordered eating, discovering gardening and intuitive nourishment, her passion for continuous learning and education, and how her two children have become her greatest teachers, with various chronic health conditions and their incredible resiliency, strength, and playful spirits. We chat about vulnerability and strength, patience, grief, acceptance, choices, crying, nature, being in the mud, finding light in the darkness. Leah opens up about parenting, her passion and business, self-care, serious food allergies, cystic fibrosis, pouring endless hours into learning how to meal prep and cook efficiently, then writing and sharing her valuable journey, strategies, and recipes in her cookbook, The Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Family Cookbook. Truly inspiring, knowledgeable, heart-felt, and bold, Leah enlivens and empowers all those who she crosses paths with. This episode is chock full of so much compassion, deliciousness, beautiful and raw sharing, and so many practical tips around health, food, gardening, and life. Tune in, perhaps grab a pen to take some notes, and marinate in the richness.

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