RAK 5/30/20 - Jam Burglar interview!


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I'm incredibly excited to interview the amazing DJ #JamBurglar on Radio Active Kids this week! His new mixtape #JBinToonland is unbelievably awesome! Also, new songs from Rabbit!, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Teeny Tiny Stevies, Fans of Randy Kaplan (FORKs), Jack Forman, EVT Kids, Sam Smiler/Julia und Mo/ZWULF for Radio Küken, John McCutcheon, Marion Halliday & Trickster Sister/ Anya of Ants on a Log/ Meghan Cary Music on Emily Joy Goldberg- Music's #SongsfromtheInside, Pottörhead, Go Banana Go, plus a whole bunch of tiny tunes from the Handwash Jukebox project!!! Playlist: https://spinitron.com/WSFM/pl/10977305/Radio-Active-Kids.

If you'd like to watch along with the show, you can check out the livestream riiiiiight here! https://www.facebook.com/radioactivekidsavlfm/videos/2612846402267438/

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