40: Gender, Priesthood and the Imago Dei with Christa McKirland


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We are so excited to welcome Dr. Christa McKirland onto our show! Christa is a longtime friend of ours from our time at Biola and she is now Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Carey Baptist College in New Zealand. In this episode we talk about gender, priesthood, analytic theology, human desire and purpose, and the Imago Dei. Pretty heady and spicy stuff!

You can find some of Christa’s work in Priscilla Papers as well as her other work at CBE. She is also co-editor of Discovering Biblical Equality (3rd ed) which is due out in 2021 (ish).

She is the founder and executive director of Logia within the Logos Institute at the University of Saint Andrews, Scotland, where she did her Ph.D.

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