Orthobiologic Therapy, Research And A Lot More...My Conversation with Tracy Beth Høeg, MD, PhD


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Tracy Beth Høeg, MD, PhD works in private practice Sports and Spine Medicine with Northern California Orthopaedic Associates. She is also a voluntary assistant professor at UC Davis Department of PM&R. She is an active researcher with UC Davis and Stanford and works as a journalist for UltraRunning Magazine. She has four children and is married to Rasmus Hoeg, MD. They live in Kings Beach, California.

We have a wide ranging discussion on her education, research and experience. The pandemic so far and a deep dive on ortho-biologic medicine (aka Regenerative Medicine) including PRP and stem cell soft tissue injections.

Tracy and I recorded this a couple of weeks before the tragic death of George Floyd and in the introduction (first 6 minutes or so) of this episode I express my thoughts on the murder and fallout. I hope change and healing will come from this and I hope it does not impair our ability to contain the Coronavirus Pandemic that continues to rage on. Here is the link to Peter Attia's conversation with his daughter on his podcast that I mention during my intro.


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