Skin Health | Acne, Ageing, Skin Care Products ft. The Functional Nurse


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Registered Nurse Madilyn Wolens - Founder of The Functional Nurse and The Functional Skin Studio shares insight into all things skin health.
This episode explores:

  • Madilyns business journey
  • Top tips for acne-prone skin
  • How to prevent ageing naturally
  • The importance of SPF and the difference between physical and chemical suncream
  • Common skincare mistakes you might be making
  • What skincare products Madilyn recommends
  • Facemasks, do we need them?

Find Tess and Madilyn here:
Tess: @authentic_spoon
Madilyn: @the_functional_nurse & @thefunctionalskinstudio
* In this episode Tess discusses her personal experience taking Accutane, please chat to your GP and or dermatologist for individualised advice.

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