Benjamin Edwards - Raw


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Identity is a funny thing. Who we are is a big deal. Much of our perceived reality is based on it. And so often, what we do gets conflated with that. One of the first questions people ask each other when they are getting to know each other is, what do you do? Sometimes it’s the very first question. Many of us want to be known by what we do and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Actions speak louder than words after all and again, what we do is important. But is what we do really who we are? Benjamin Edwards is a storyteller from Oregon. We sat down and had a chat online during a time when he was feeling pretty raw. I consider those times to be be the best times to have a discussion…especially with a good man like Ben. He said a lot of things that rang true to me. Identity was one of several things we broached. Join us for this one. There may be something here that resonates with you as well. Oh, and pardon my audio quality issues. In a nutshell, I tried something new while recording and it didn’t work out so well.

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