Bernie Taupin, Elton John Songwriter/Visual Artist


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This week, we revisit a conversation with the Bernie Taupin. Taupin is Elton John's longtime songwriting partner and wrote the lyrics to most of the songs you've heard Elton John sing. The friendship and professional relationship between Bernie taipan and Elton John is chronicled in the film "Rocketman." Last summer, Bernie was in town to open an art exhibition in Beverly Hills at Gallery Michael. Bernie's artwork features the American flag. Bernie Taupin, despite his British upbringing, says he is a patriotic American. He was influenced by American music and culture growing up. He wants to make sure Americans don't forget American music legends like Woody Guthrie, Jimmy Martin, and Muddy Waters. In this conversation, Bernie talks about his deep love for America, and about his decades long friendship and professional relationship with Elton John.

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