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In this conversation I chat to radio presenter and DJ, AJ King (https://www.instagram.com/kingajking).

AJ was the winner of the Kiss 100 'Chosen One' competition and has gone on to have an illustrious career both as a radio and TV presenter. And as a DJ he has played at some of the biggest and best clubs across the globe. AJ is also an ambassador for the Prince's Trust and works with numerous other charities.

We kick things off talking about how we met and describe the experience of co-presenting a radio show together and what we learned in the process. AJ explains how he went from working at Barclays Bank, to in 2011 winning the the Kiss 100 'Chosen One' competition. And what was originally a 3 month contract has turned into quite the journey. He breaks down his experience of presenting at Kiss, including the breakfast show and the challenges of taking the spot of an established DJ he looked up to. AJ also talks about the importance lesson of observing that the most successful DJ’s at Kiss were usually the nicest and most humble.

We talk about the importance of being authentic and not being afraid to be yourself. AJ describes the time he taught Prince Charles and Camilla how to scratch to ‘Single Ladies’, which resulted in him becoming an ambassador for the Princes Trust. How he balances being a DJ, presenter, working with charities and being a Dad. And how being a Dad has made AJ more driven, disciplined and commercially savvy.

AJ also explains his philosophy/motto of ‘you are your money’ and the idea of banking on yourself. He describes the tell tale signs of when he knows that his mental health is suffering. Why boxing is such a release for AJ and has protected his mental health and we share our love for boxing training.

Why everything is about timing and the importance of what type of practice you do. And why AJ believes that everyone knows what they want to do, it's just that their belief system or circumstances prevent them from following through on it. He breaks down how he entered his latest creative journey into accidentally becoming an actor and loads more!

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